UltraBib – Unicorns


MSRP: £6.99 £6.99


SKU: BBEW-2-027

  • The perfect weaning bib with a soft, springy, pelican-style pocket to that folds out to catch food; ideal for baby led weaning.
  • Made of neoprene so it is stretchy and flexible with a really soft and friendly feel that children love
  • Waterproof inner layer
  • Absorbent top layer
  • Comfortable, secure and adjustable fit
  • Washable by hand or machine at 30 deg. C. max.; see video below
  • Tumble drier proof and durable
  • Multi-award winning design in our own colourful Pink Unicorn pattern
  • Available in a double pack (one Unicorn and one Pink UltraBib) to save you money.

Bib Dimensions:

  • Neck Circumference: 24-29cm.
  • Width: 20cm.
  • Length: 22cm from the neck to pocket bottom







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